What is ZombieBunker?

Zombie bunker- Find the vaccine and free human kind from the deadly Zombie Virus. Be fast because you will be in direct contact with zombies. Being Clever is your most effetive weapon in your battle against living dead! 4-10 people must find the vaccine in an underground laboratory and escape it. Your mission is to be the HERO of the City.

Game length is : 1h 30min
Price: 150 EUR (4-10 people)
Get taxi to: destination of arrival Taikos g.1 Kreivalaužių km, Nemenčinės sen. Road Vilnius-Pabradė
22km, "EMSI" Gas station (Left side from leaving Vilnius) infront of Nemenčinė.
Stop at near the gas stations parking lot and wait for the Leader of the Zombie Bunker.
Advance booking is a must!

How does it work?

The zombie Counter-Specialist will meet you and show the way towards the secret bunker, which has the hidden cure! This vaccine might free the whole city from the infection. Inside the bunker you will encouter challenges and task that are mind twisting. Be aware and prepared for the zombie rush!

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Warm clothing is recomended. The Bunker is quite chilly (13 C tempature)
Payment can only be done with cash or an advanced payment by bank.
Price 150EUR for your team (4-10 People)

If something went wrong- Contact Info@zombiebunker.lt and tell us your desired time.


Phone: +370 684 49944

E-mail: info@zombiebunker.eu.

Social: facebooke.